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is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo, and a specialized provider of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Expediting, Inspection Services and Manufacturing Follow-up.

The proven technical capacity demonstrated since its establishment in 1987 allowed VEROTEC to conquer trust and respect from clients in Brazil and overseas.

VEROTEC’s reputation includes a remarkable record of projects which it had significant involvement, as such:

  • Plataforma P-43 Petrobras (Brazil e Singapore)
  • Plataforma P-48 Petrobras (Brazil e Singapore)
  • Plataforma P-50 Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Plataforma P-54 Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Plataforma P-55 Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Plataforma P-58 Petrobras (Brazil e Italy)
  • Plataforma P-62 Petrobras (Brazil e Italy)
  • Plataforma MV-24 Cidade de Mangaratiba (Germany, Brazil and USA)
  • Plataforma Mexilhão Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Chevron Frade (Brazil)
  • Haradh – GOSP III Facilities Project ( Saudi Arabia and Brazil)
  • Repysoll/YPF – Watsila Crude Oil Power Plant (Equador)
  • JGC-Mobil Gulf Oil Plant (Brazil and Malasia)
  • Parsons Energy and Chemical Group – Tractebel Power Project (USA)
  • K+M Eng. Termoelétrica Candelária (Brazil)
  • Shenzi Project (Mexico Gulf)
  • El Dorado Project (USA)
  • Subsea-Petrobras Projeto PDEG-B
  • Siemens-Petrobras PRA-1
  • Siemens Projeto Jirau
  • CCDL Conduto Pinheral (Brazil)


The experience acquired along those years made the quality of the work provided by VEROTEC recognized by its clients and end users as such:

  • ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)
  • Aker Solutions (Brazil e Norway)
  • Bariven Petróleo (Venezuela)
  • BHP Billiton (Australia and England)
  • BP – British Petroleum (England)
  • CB&I (USA)
  • Chevron (Brazil)
  • Cooper Cameron do Brazil (Brazil)
  • DTI Diversi Tech Inc. (USA)
  • Estaleiro Atlântico Sul (Brazil)
  • Estaleiro Mauá Jurong (Brazil)
  • Eximport - Lubrication Centraliazed (Brazil)
  • GE Hydro Inepar (Brazil)
  • GE-Gevisa - General Electric / Grupo Villares (Brazil)
  • Glenn Tech International – GTI (USA)
  • Global Quality System – GQS (Italy)
  • Hitachi (Brazil)
  • Intertek Moody (Brazil)
  • Jacobs (USA)
  • JGC – Japan Gas Company (Japan)
  • Jurong Shipyard (Singapore)
  • KBR – Halliburton (USA)
  • Método Engenharia (Brazil)
  • Moody International Brazil (Brazil)
  • Moody International Argentina (Argentina)
  • Moody International Equador (Equador)
  • NDE Quality Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • Petrobras – Equipamentos para Petróleo (Brazil)
  • Petromex (Mexico)
  • Petrodiesel Diesel Division (Brazil)
  • Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)
  • Repysol Petróleo (Equador)
  • Siemens (Brazil)
  • Sulzer do Brazil (Brazil)
  • SVC Lavalin (Canada)
  • Syncrude (Canada)
  • Toyo Engineering Co. (Japan)


VEROTEC is also proud to represent and cooperate with important inspection and certification institutions as:

  • ABS (Brazil)
  • DTI DiversiTech Inc. (USA)
  • Intertech (USA)
  • Moody International (Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador e USA)
  • PV Inspection (Canada and USA)
  • SNC Lavalin (Canada and USA)
  • Velosi (USA and UK)
  • WISco (USA and UK)


All clients have the guarantee of VEROTEC’s privacy policy, which protects all classified informations related to their projects and assignments.

The Internal Quality Management developed by VEROTEC enables and supports its Engineers, Inspectors and Technicians to achieve complex short/long-term projects, providing them continuous training and improvement. This makes VEROTEC’s staff prepared to meet clients’ needs in all occasions, including their required technical specifications as ABNT, ASME, ASTM, API, ANSI, DIN, PETROBRAS and others.

VEROTEC’s clients can also count on with partner offices located in strategic countries, making possible a very efficient and low costs global coverage.

VEROTEC is always focused in clients’ satisfaction and always ready to represent them acting in their best interest.




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